DIY Wood Doormat 101: How to Make and 12 Creative Ideas to Try

by Katie Williams
wooden doormat

A stylish DIY wood doormat can easily brighten up your porch in a unique and fashionable way. Compared to a traditional mat made of nylon or cotton, wood offers so much more character and distinctiveness.

Whether you’re trying to evoke a rustic and timeless appeal or a more contemporary charm, there are different wooden doormat styles that you can try.

Let’s take a look at how you can make your own DIY wood doormat, and explore some ideas to inspire your design!

How to Make a DIY Wood Doormat

1. Gather your tools and materials

This project is so accessible and easy that you don’t need any fancy equipment and materials! You just need ten wooden balusters, a length of rope (synthetic, sisal, or anything you can find), a drill, a 7/16-inch bit, and a saw.

The type of wood to use depends entirely on you! Cedar is great because it doesn’t need any stain but may soften and wear faster. Alternatively, you can also use pressure-treated wood which will last much longer. It’s also weather-resistant and will water gorgeously.

Moreover, the rope type can also be an important choice as it will affect the final look of your doormat. For example, sisal rope has three stands and is made from natural fibers, so it can produce the most rustic appearance.

2. Cut all the wood pieces

This entire project mostly involves cutting the wooden balusters. You will need two different sizes to create your doormat: 9 ¾ inches and 3 inches, 30 and 12 pieces respectively. This is relatively easy to do by marking the lines with a pencil and using a handsaw to cut the pieces. If you have a miter saw, feel free to use it to make the process much faster.

Once you have all your wooden pieces, it’s time to drill some holes. For the 3-inch pieces, mark the center and drill here. For the longer ones, mark two holes on each piece at 1 ½ inch from the end.

3. Thread the rope

Using a continuous length of rope, thread six short pieces and six long pieces alternatively. You should start with the shorter piece and end with the longer one. Insert the rope through the other hole of the long wood, then follow with another short piece. This will be the second row of your mat!

Repeat the threading and looping until you run out of wood pieces and finish with a complete doormat.

4. Tie a knot and voila!

The final step is to tighten the threads by pulling the rope. Do this slowly starting from the beginning of the rope to the end, so that your doormat will be tight and come together solidly. Tie knots on both ends of the rope and cut off any excess length.

12 DIY Wood Doormat Ideas for You

1. Simple Reversible Mat

Simple Reversible Mat

Source: Pinterest

Let’s start with the most basic type of wooden doormat you can make! If you follow the instructions we’ve detailed above, this is the end result that you will get. The best thing about this design is that it’s super simple but still looks fashionable and beautiful.

Moreover, you can place this on your front porch, no matter the style of your house. From traditional to modern, we think this doormat will fit right in!

2. Classic and Rustic

Classic and Rustic

Source: Pinterest

Another reason why we love a DIY wood doormat is that they can jazz up your home. This next design is a little more basic without the woven pattern, but its dark wood color is perfect for bringing a rustic and earthy ambiance to your patio.

It adds so much unique interest and texture, and you may want to complement this with other wood accents and furniture. Placing some live plants and greeneries can also make the color pop.

3. Colorful Summer Doormat

Colorful Summer Doormat

Source: Pinterest

Here’s one idea to add a fun twist to your wooden doormat. Paint the individual wooden pieces so that you will end up with a bright and colorful mat! This is an especially great addition to your home during the summer as it evokes a lot of cheeriness and joy.

We recommend using all the colors of the rainbow and go all out. From dark purple and yellow to the different shades of blue, you can arrange the pieces to form a nice gradient.

4. Paint a White Decal

Paint a White Decal

Source: Pinterest

If you want something more toned down but also more than basic, this next example might inspire you. Start with the original color of the wood, but you can add a white decal in the center to add a little more depth to the doormat.

This could be the shape of a house, an animal silhouette, flower, hearts—the possibilities are endless! Of course, it’s going to be easier if you paint the wood pieces before threading them with a rope.

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5. Striking Sunburst Pattern

Striking Sunburst Pattern

Source: Pinterest

Do you think rectangular doormats are boring? If so, this sunburst-shaped one could be exactly what you’re looking for! It is also made of shorter and longer cedar pieces but arranged in a unique arch that resembles the sun.

This fun design is perfect for those of you who like to spice up the vibe in your home. Place some colorful plants next to it, and you’ll have the most welcoming patio!

6. Engrave Family Name or Address

Engrave Family Name or Address

Source: Pinterest

In this next example, we wanted to show you how to transform a plain wood doormat into something more personalized. Just by engraving your family name or house number, you will immediately have a unique design that’s only yours!

The photo above shows you a doormat made from New Zealand pine, but feel free to use any type of wood that you can find or prefer.

7. Use Wood Slices

Use Wood Slices

Source: Pinterest

Next up, it’s time to consider a different version of a wood doormat. Instead of using cut up wood balusters and a rope, this design incorporates wood slices for a more intricate and elegant design. It’s easy to make from scrap plywood or even tree branches!

This kind of doormat is more suitable when you want to evoke a rustic atmosphere, making it perfect for cottage and mountain-style homes. It also fits the winter mood and can add such a cozy and welcoming vibe.

8. Simple Diagonal Design

Simple Diagonal Design

Source: Pinterest

Another technique to try out when creating your own DIY wood doormat is by cutting diagonal slats on a scrap lumber piece. This may be more daunting than the method we have detailed previously. With that said, it can produce a more polished and classic design.

When making this type of doormat, it may be best to keep the original wood color. This light brown with subtle wood grains is perfect in both a rustic and modern-styled patio!

9. Experiment with Geometric Designs

Experiment with Geometric Designs

Source: Pinterest

If a basic diagonal pattern is too simple for you, try to experiment with different lines and combine them. For instance, look at this gorgeous wood doormat with two layers. The bottom one is made of basic vertical slats, while the top layer is V-shaped.

All in all, this will add more sense of depth and complexity, even to a simple thing as a doormat! It is also quite stylish and striking, and will undoubtedly leave an impression on your guests and neighbors.

10. Incorporate Fabric and Beads

Incorporate Fabric and Beads

Source: Pinterest

This example has a similar idea of weaving long wooden slats with a rope, but this time you can add some colorful beads in between pieces for a fun look.

Additionally, you can cover the top part of the mat with retro fabric strips. This will add a little bit of color and pattern that is more than simple paint!

11. Two-Color Checkerboard

Two-Color Checkerboard

Source: Pinterest

In this variation, you will be painting your wood pieces in one color of your choice. Alternate the blocks with the wood’s natural brown texture for a stylish mix of bright color and natural, earthy tones.

We think this is the perfect alternative if you think the multi-colored example from earlier is a little too out there.

12. Zigzag Weaving Pattern

Zigzag Weaving Pattern

Source: Pinterest

Last but not least, why not try this interesting zigzag pattern? Instead of cutting your wooden balusters into two different-sized pieces, you just need a uniform size for all of them. All you have to do is weave them in a Herringbone pattern for a more exciting design.

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Ultimately, a DIY wood doormat is a beginner-friendly and fun project that you may want to take on. It’s possible to make with simple tools and by those new or even inexperienced in woodworking. All you need is a drill and saw, and some scrap wood pieces to make your own unique doormat.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get DIY-ing and add a fun, new element to your home patio. Good luck and happy crafting!

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