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How to Texture Drywall Yourself

Learn to do Wall Texture Yourself

The house we currently live in used to be a duplex. Over the past 4 yrs we’ve turned it back into it’s original 1904 single family shape.  This meant adding some walls back where they used to be.

Because of this, we had a lot of drywall to finish up and almost everything upstairs needed to be textured.

I originally figured I would just hire someone to come do all the texture, but after needing to re-texture a bathroom in our rental, I decided it was completely “do-able” myself…and there’s no sanding involved!

I prefer flat walls with almost no texture to them. So the finer I can get the texture, the better.

If you want or have to match more obvious textures, you may need to experiment to see what can get you the desired texture. I think my mom and I used a piece of carpet once to match some orange-peel texture. Sometimes, you may need to just re-texture the entire room.

Trowel picture

This is my tool of choice. You can use a larger trowel if you’d like. Sometimes large surfaces are easier to texture with the larger trowel, but I prefer this medium sized one. You can pick it up at almost any hardware store.

Before Texture

Let’s take this small bit of wall. It’s been a bit mudded because we used a corner piece on the corner but it has no even texture.

Mud Texture Process

I usually start out smearing a thick spot of drywall mud on the surface to be textured.

If you have nail holes or drywall tape, mud over that first! Get that smoothed out well before starting to texture the rest.

Holes and drywall tape both need to be covered and smoothed in mud and then let dry before texturing or at least I prefer it that way.

Texture Pattern

One thing I learned is that the entire surface of the drywall does not need drywall mud. In fact, it’s easier to get a nice fine texture if it’s not all covered in mud. You can see the ceiling has mud “here and there”. This helps create a very fine texture that is hardly noticeable.

45 degree angle

Now start to smooth out the mud by dragging the trowel at a 45 degree angle in different directions.

Do you see the little bit of texture this is creating? Don’t worry about all the high spots, we will deal with those later.

Mud Texture

This is the sort of texture I’m usually trying to achieve. Like I mentioned before, It’s actually more difficult to get this texture if you have mud everywhere.

Lines to Remove

These high and indented lines are what we don’t want but we can easily take care of them once the mud dries, so don’t spend too much time working them out of your texture.

Finished Texture

When finished, your wall should look something like this. It may have even less texture and/or drywall mud.

The corner piece stuck out a bit, so this section of wall has a little more mud than I usually add.


Now let the mud dry completely.

Grab a spray bottle of water and spray any high or low spots on the mud that bug you and that you would like to smooth out.

It doesn’t need to be perfectly smooth but the texture needs to be even over the space.

Take a wet-wipe and rub off any of the spots you sprayed. You’ll notice it all starts to look very even.

Once it’s dried again, take your paint and roller and paint it!

Satin or Eggshell paint is much more forgiving than semi-gloss.

Wall Texture DIY

You should have a really nice, even looking wall!

Hope this helps any of you that have put off doing some dry-walling due to the thought of dust flying everywhere or the expense of having to pay someone.

Once I realized I didn’t have to sand, I was much more motivated to get started!




  1. Thank you for excellent tutorial, appreciate it mucho. Be sure to show us when you’re done.
    You make it sound so much easier than person would think it would be. Oh how I would love to do that myself even if it took days and days. We have mfg. home walls, vinyl like wallpaper which is slick but paintable, thank heavens. I waited 8 yrs. to finally get our living room painted and it turned out so much nicer. Our l/r tends to be on dark side since it faces east/west, we have single wide. Now if only could get hubs to go somewhere for a week.
    He tends to make simple jobs so much harder than they need to be. He looks at whole job, then proceeds to make it sound impossible.
    I just jump in, take job little at a time, don’t let whole job intimidate me, just look forward to how it will be when done. He also has to argue with me about every thing I do and how I do it. I get it done so what difference does it make? We’re together pretty much 24/7 so when such a job needs doing would rather go for it myself, saves my wanting to strangle him. We’ve been married 48 yrs. Please don’t take this wrong way. If you have cooperative husband, lucky girl. Wanna switch for little while? lol.
    Have wonderful Sunday

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