25+ Fireplaces With Shelves On Both Sides Ideas

by Katie Williams

A fireplace is essential to dissipate heat throughout the house. It can also add beauty to our home and make you feel comfortable in cold months.

Are you redecorating and need help deciding what to do on both sides of your fireplace? We will take a look at 25 different fireplace designs with you. But first, let’s learn a little about fireplaces.

Fireplaces With Shelves

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What are shelves around fireplace called?

In modern usage, the mantel refers to a shelf above a fireplace. The mantel covers the top of a firebox and is usually supported by legs; it is usually the deepest and heaviest section of the fireplace. It may also be floating, supported by brackets, and appearing well above or directly in line with the hob opening.

The purpose of a fireplace mantel was traditionally to catch smoke before it entered the room from the firebox of an open fireplace, but mantels in more modern times are used primarily for decorative and aesthetic purposes.

shelves around fireplace

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What can you do on both sides of a fireplace?

When you have a double-sided fireplace, it will distribute the heat evenly to both sides of the house. The traditional fireplace is normally placed against the wall. This means it can only heat one area of your home instead of messing it up.

Two-sided fireplaces are designed to be open as they are designed to shut off the flames from both sides. This means you don’t have to worry about the fireplace burning the house down. This feature is useful for families with young children.

This style of fireplace can warm and captivate from both sides, making it an essential feature of the home. A two-sided fireplace can also be a striking centerpiece. Fire guards are available for outdoor fireplaces but are less visually appealing.


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How Should You Decorate the Walls Around Your Fireplace?

It would be boring to leave the walls around our fireplace bare. Let’s see how we can make the environment of the fireplace more enjoyable together.

Decorate the Walls Around Your Fireplace

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  1. Accent Wall: We can use paint, wallpaper or tiles to create an accent wall that highlights both sides of the fireplace.
  2. Mirrors: Mirrors are a great way to add depth and intrigue to a wall and will make our rooms seem larger.
  3. Art: We can hang individual artworks on the walls around your fireplace to add color and beauty to the room.
  4. Shelves: We can add shelves to both create storage space and add visual elegance.
  5. Furniture: If there is space around the fireplace, we can add special furniture that is compatible with the space.

Whatever fireplace style you prefer, having floating shelves next to the fireplace can be a great idea to liven up the space. how it fits into the theme.

Fireplaces With Shelves Ideas

Without further ado, let’s explore the 25 most inspiring shelf ideas to build near the fireplace.

1. Mix Old and New

Mix Old and New

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Many of us are in favor of creating the space as a whole by using the same style of furniture and accessories. But we must also take into account the fact that we can create a completely different atmosphere with contrasts. We can use a more natural wood on a modern wall and get a nice fireplace with different styles. Also, it would be heartwarming to choose our fireplace from white.

2. Create a Different Atmosphere with Black Paint

Create a Different Atmosphere with Black Paint

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When black enters a place, there is no possibility of not appearing in that place. When we add black, which is a strong color in itself, behind the fireplace, it will immediately attract attention in the space. Thus, our main focus will be on the fireplace. The sconce lights we will add next to them and the arts we will choose on the shelves will complement each other.

Also, we can get rid of the spontaneous look by adding wooden slats. Since it is wooden, we can cover the fireplace surround with a modern marble to prevent it from being damaged by the fireplace fire.

3. Get Inspired by Scandinavia

Get Inspired by Scandinavia

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We have always admired the trendy Scandinavian houses of recent times. We feel comfortable in the space with light colored and natural furniture. We can also apply this style to our fireplace with peace of mind. We can enrich our decoration with a natural wood piece that we will add on the fireplace in light tones.

4. Embrace Color


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Fireplace is always the focal point of the space. In addition, in a style from the past, it is usually combined with stone brick or concrete and creates a heavy atmosphere in the space. But in modern times, our preferences are changing. We can create an explosion of color optionally.

We can make it more enjoyable with the yellows, oranges and pinks we will add. We can add different colors not only around the fireplace but also on the back wall or shelves. Or, if we do not want the fireplace to attract attention, we can color the background and use the fireplace area in neutral colors.

5. Camouflage

If we want to provide a more natural and homogeneous appearance when we enter our living space, we can ensure that it does not attract attention in the space by completing the shelves of our fireplace, the background with the integral color of the space. Thus, it will not be noticed at first, but it will always make you feel its warmth.

6. Integrate with Design

We do not always need to use different materials or different materials for the fireplace. Sometimes, we can continue whatever color wall we used in the original space and color our somin with furniture colors. Thus, instead of appearing as a different region, it will create an atmosphere as if it belongs to the interior of the house and as if it has always been there. In addition, the mirrors we will add on the shelves will add depth to the space.

7. Take advantage of woods

Take advantage of woods

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When we want to make a fireplace shelf, the easiest material to reach is wood. It is enough to find a piece of wood in a modern style whether it is in rustic agave or in a modern style. It does not need to completely cover the fireplace. We can only mount the wood piece on the stove by making it a shelf in the dimensions we want.

8. Use All White

Use All White

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A white fireplace can add a timeless and gorgeous touch to any room. See how these white fireplaces both warm and brighten a room, while emphasizing the shape and design of the hearth.

We all know that white, apart from being a neutralizing color, adds a very stylish air when used in a modern style. Therefore, the shelves that we will combine with a white and modern marble will look very stylish in the space. It will work in harmony with the accessories we will add.

9. Combine with Different Pattern Marbles

Different Pattern Marbles

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We know that our options for tiles are endless. If we like tiles with symbols, we can use them in our fireplace. We can also add wooden shelves according to the general condition of the place.

In addition, it will be easier to create your own style and design on tiles with this kind of visuality. In particular, we can combine tiles with different patterns on each piece as you wish. If you have a good hand, you can make the drawings and colors according to your own style.

10. Add Costal to Your Home

Costal to Your Home

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It is a fact that every evon has a different boron style and we all like different styles. For this reason, the design of the fireplace should also be personal. A modern fireplace will not suit a house in a seaside atmosphere. That’s why we should customize our design with materials and decorations that are suitable for us.

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11. Mountain House Air

Mountain House Air

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Natural stones were used while making traditional fireplaces. Likewise, we can capture a traditional image with natural stones in a chalet concept area. In addition, we can create a rustic look by wearing out the shelves we will add and adding supports from the bottom.

12. Make Modern Touches

Make Modern Touches

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While displaying our modern paintings on the shelves we will add to the upper part of our fireplace, we can increase the storage space by adding regular shelves to the spaces on the sides. We can create a stylish image with our somine combined with white and black. With a modern table lighting and a table it looks really beautiful!

13. Take Advantage of Boxes in Your Garden

Advantage of Boxes in Your Garden

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We don’t need to think about complicated things all the time. We can mount a piece of box we find in our garden on top of our fireplace with indentations without disturbing its natural shape.

14. Increase Storage Spaces

By adding shelves from floor to ceiling around the fireplace, we can make both a visual and a spatial evaluation. We can enjoy watching a modern fireplace on a gray background. We can use it to store wood in a niche that will be opened under the fireplace or just for beauty. We can draw attention to accessories by using natural colors on the fireplace.

15. Combine sweetness and simplicity


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Sometimes less really is more, and that’s certainly the case in this simple shiplap modern and rustic fireplace. From floor to ceiling, this fireplace has a healthy dose of white shiplap broken up by the ornate and rustic wood that’s only been thrown into the mix as a mantelpiece. It provides a focal point in the all-white room without being too bold.

16. Use Natural Stone Image

If we were to create a single focal point with the windows on both sides and the white distribution in the space, we could not think of it as anything other than a stone fireplace. As it will create a heavy atmosphere in the space, it will not actually need too many accessories or colors.

17. Experience the Christmas Weather All Year Long


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Sometimes we may want to change the atmosphere with decorations, not with the fireplace. At the rear, neutral horizontal panels and a fireplace with wooden shelves are not very noticeable. Instead of just putting a few objects on the table, we can add Christmas decorations and artificial greenery to these shelves. We can also easily make the dark gray woods on the back ourselves. By adding a built-in television, we will not need a separate television unit.

18. Catch Rustic Air

Catch Rustic Air

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We all remember the chimney fireplaces used in old houses. Today, it is possible to continue the b style. It will be sufficient to add a simple piece of wood to the chimney fireplace, which we will create with stones of different sizes.

19. Klasikten Sasmayin

Klasikten Sasmayin

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Sometimes classicism is guaranteed. We can design a simple and guaranteed some without risking with simple indentations. We can add frequency by adding different flower symbols to the belt parts. We can enrich the image by adding a large aged mirror and wooden laths to the empty parts of the side.

20. Pay Attention to Minimalism

Pay Attention to Minimalism

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There have been times when we got tired of complex designs, complex colors and eye-catching details. It’s time to stop thinking complicated and move on to minimalist. We can create an image of a fresh and untreated fireplace area. Using the basic colors white and black, we can create a simple design with wood colors that attract little attention in light tones.

21. Create Your Style

Create Your Style

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What we can do is limited by our imagination. \so why not choose a green tile? Apart from being just green, the dark openings in the color tones reflect the sunlight wonderfully, and its harmony with the details of the added wooden shelf shows how strong our design is.

By keeping this area higher, we can enrich it by adding a small table to the top. In addition, with the black framed cover we will add to the front of the fireplace, it will give a visual air by closing the stove even when we are not using it. As it provides security, it will also close possible user images.

22. Use Marble for a Modern Look

Marble for a Modern Look

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When we add marble to an object, there is no possibility of not stopping often. Instead of just covering the fireplace surround, we can also make the protrusion on the fireplace from marble and provide integrity. The situation we need to pay attention to is that marble is a heavy material. So we need to keep the ledge width shorter.

23. Add Supported Shelves

Add Supported Shelves

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When assembling the shelves we will add, we usually only see the shelves from the outside and they look like they are stuck to the wall. Instead of this, we can add a more industrial atmosphere to the machine with metal holders from the bottom, and we can make a difference with small details. The point we need to pay attention to is that the distance between the metal holders is sufficient and that they hold the shelves firmly.

24. Fill As Much As You Can


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Sometimes we like the space to be full to our eyes rather than minimalist. This is one of them. Although it is kept plain with plain white paint, we can make a maximalist design due to the use of different ornamental arch types, Led lighting and different materials. In addition, we can provide storage space by creating an arched niche in the empty spaces on the sides.

25. Neutralize


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Although until now we thought that the fireplace is a remarkable piece of furniture, it is in our hands to change it. If we have used enough colorful furniture in our design mix and we want to bring them to the fore and leave the fireplace panda behind, we can leave it in its simplest form.

We will not need to add a different material or color such as wooden brick. Creating a space in the same colors as the wall will make the fireplace lighter and make the other points of the house stand out.


Now you have all the information you need for fireplace mantel design . We hope you found this article useful and interesting as you go about fireplace mantel design.Whether modern, rustic or elegant, the atmosphere that fireplaces give the home is always different. Design as you wish!Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! It’s always a pleasure to hear from our readers on what they agree with or disagree with.

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