Color Blocked Curtains (Nursery Project #2)

As we all know….color blocking is the cool thing right now. Just search “color block” on Pinterest and you’ll see about every tangible thing in your life color blocked!
Well, I could tell you I was just trying to be cool when I decided to color block these curtains, but that’s really not why they came to be color blocked.
You see, I found these babies at the GW in Denver. They were from a Target drop. Score! But there were only three of them and I needed four!
So I thought and thought of different ways to get a fourth curtain out of them….
I thought about cutting them up, adding other fabric and making them striped, I thought about just making rows of white stripes and then color blocking with stripes….I thought of all sorts of weird ways to make a fourth curtain, but I could tell, none of my ideas were going to really work very well, or they were going to take a lot of time!
Then my mother said, “Why don’t you turn them sideways?” and I said, “Mom, you’re a genius!”
So that’s what we did. We turned them sideways (only using two curtains instead of three), added fabric and cut them down the middle to make four.
Here are the sewing gals. The pregnant one’s a pro…. literally!  She has her own sewing business called Holly Petersen Designs, where she designs custom fitness apparel.
The great thing about having these two working on the nursery with me, was that even though I can sew most anything, they think I’m awful (which compared to them, I am), and therefore, they won’t let me near their projects! Fantastic, because sewing is one of my least favorite crafty things to do.
I would much rather be making DIY Geometric Wall Art for the nursery!
Here’s my sister, showing us what the next color layer will look like.
…..and here’s the finished product!
I love them!
If you saw my first post about Baby Z’s Nursery, you will know that we had four days in Denver to create my sister’s nursery. She and her husband wanted to use turquoise, and orange and they wanted it to have a modern or retro vibe.
I think we’ve nailed all of the requests so far!
(In case you’re wondering, the rods and cool ends are from IKEA)
You can see more of this room, from Monday’s post on Nursery Project #1: DIY Geometric Wall Art


  1. Clever solution Katie!! Thank goodness your mom was there to give you the right advice!! Don’t you love getting Target stuff at GW? Last year I found 2 duvet covers and shams at GW for my boys rooms that were brand new Target items in a cool grey geometric pattern….just torn packaging. Cost was a few dollars, holla!!! The nursery is looking very cool and hip and love your DIY artwork, so sweet that Auntie Kate is already taking care of the baby!!

    • I know. The lady working there said that GW buys the stuff from Target, so they have to charge a little higher price. I’ve been to GW’s where I get incredible deals on Target items, but unfortunately, the GW by my house sells them for the same clearance price you can get them for at Target….it’s just not returnable 🙁
      Cant’ beat a good Target deal though!

  2. great idea!

  3. Good thing you didn’t fake it or turn one of them into two. I ran out of fabric so put the “short” curtains behind the couch so no one would be the wiser…except my two year old noticed and asked me why! OMG! Love the look!

  4. They look fantastic! I just love when that shift in perspective happens to create that New idea “lightbulb” moment! Way to go mom!

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  5. These are adorable! This is the first time I have visited your blog but I love it – definitely going to hang around some more and check it out 🙂 I’m a new follower now!!

    Sarah @

  6. Very cute! Love the colors!! Visiting from Shabby Creek Cottage!

  7. They look fabulous!! How wonderful to work with such good helpers!! 🙂

  8. This is the exact tutorial that I need. I have some fabric waiting for this project to get down. I was just to nervous to start. Thanks for the inspiration as always. Megan

  9. These are so cool! You did an awesome job! Just found you through a linky party and excited to be a new follower!! 🙂

  10. Sewing might be my least favorite crafty project too. I think I could handle these though! These look awesome and i’m surprised at how much I like the nursery colors. They didn’t sounds like they would go together, but I love how it looks!

  11. Love them!! Great idea!

  12. Those came out great. I need to do some updating to the kid’s rooms.

  13. AWESOME! I’m way too intimidated by my sewing machine to attempt these, but I love the look! I ended up finding someone with great skills on Etsy to sew them and get the look I wanted. I’m so glad I did – worth it! I love the colors you chose too. Well done!

  14. Oh these are cute, the artwork is awesome as well 🙂 Lucky baby

  15. wow!! you are clever!! err your mom actually!! well both of you!! this turned out beautiful!!

    i might be trying this color blocked curtain-it really looks pretty…


  16. Those are so vibrant and amazing.. I love it! Never heard of color blocked curtains.. need to read about it! 🙂 Thanks for linking up at friday fun party.. 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. Very nice idea. and a cute colour combo too. x

    • Thanks Pippa! I like the color combo they choose too. I don’t think everyone likes bright colors in nurseries, but I think they are fun! A nice alternative to the light or pastel colors.

  18. I would love for you link this up at my first LINK PARTY!

  19. These look great! I absolutely love the colors. What a clever idea. 🙂

  20. REALLY cute!

  21. Wow! I really love all those colors together. Those curtains turned out fabulous.

  22. Thanks for such a beautiful idea! You were my most favorite from last week’s party. 🙂
    Happy Monday to you too!

    • Thanks Hani! Glad to get your comment! I just switched over to WP today and there are all the sudden a lot of weird comments on here! Glad to see someone familiar (you) and your kind comment 🙂

  23. Nice job! Thank you for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday!

  24. they look amazing!

    I would like to let you know about a new Craft Party,

    I would love to see your creations linked up with Crafty Tuesday

    Every week I will choose few tutorials and they will be featured on my blog and my facebook, twitter and pinterest page

    I hope to see you link up

  25. The curtains look awesome… and not having to sew them yourself? Even better!

  26. The colors are awesome – and I love making something so that it is exactly what you want! Love it!

  27. These look great! I love the colors. Thanks for sharing at Fabulous Friday!

  28. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Crafts. You were featured today!

  29. LOVE the curtains, Katie! Such fun colors! What a good sister you are. : )

    Featuring you tomorrow!

  30. What a clever idea! They are awesome, Katie! Wow!

  31. At the very least it is more informative than one of these reality TV stars, kim who?

    Joey what?

  32. Thanks Kelly! Hope you’re having a great week.



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