15 Best Carpet Colors For Grey Walls

by Katie Williams
Grey Walls carpet

Gray is now the new white! If this word sounds too ambitious, you have not yet realized the power of gray. Gray tones are among the colors that are frequently evaluated in home decoration.

Gray brightens the color next to it and covers imperfections. We can say that he has achieved great things with every tone. It is very possible to adapt these tones, which go from the lightest to the darkest, to every style. As long as we decide which gray tone we want and the color that will accompany it!

If our house receives little light, bluish grays, one of the lightest shades of gray, are very useful for illuminating our environment.


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So what colors suit gray?

Gray is a sacrificial color. He takes it from himself and gives it to his neighbor. Therefore, it manages to highlight whatever is next to it. But there are some colors that also understand gray very well. Instead of just taking it from him, he gives his own energies to it and creates wonders as a result. Let’s take a look at these colors in general.

Colors Compatible with Light Gray

If we will prefer light gray tones in home decoration, it will be appropriate to provide movement in the area with the help of striking and vibrant colors. Of course, we can also choose a neutral color and choose a calmer living space design. Let us offer you our suggestions, you decide the most suitable color option according to your taste!

Classic Blue: Classic blue combined with light gray creates a striking reflection. If we wish, we can also choose darker blue tones instead of classic blue, and we can bring gray-dark blue home decoration to life.

Coral Color: If we want to create a simple and beautiful energetic ambiance thanks to the gray pink home decoration, we can choose coral color. Although the coral color is very suitable for homes where home decoration is applied in light gray tones, we can also use this color to complement dark gray.

Mustard Yellow: The favorite of those who love yellow tones but are afraid to include bright colors in their home, mustard yellow looks especially beautiful on furniture! If we want to decorate a light gray wall painted home, we can choose mustard yellow for our armchairs, curtains or the details of our carpet.

White: Especially if we are decorating a small or dark room, we need to use light shades intensely next to light gray. In addition, thanks to the color palette we will create in line with gray and white home decoration, we can get one step closer to realizing the Scandinavian style decoration, which is the popular trend of recent times.

Black: Among the colors that suit gray in home decor, there is of course black, the color of nobility. If we are thinking of making gray and black home decoration; By combining it with colors such as yellow, coral, and blue, you can create a more lively ambiance in the space.

Anthracite Grey: If you want to apply a home decoration where gray tones dominate, we can choose anthracite gray, which is one of the most preferred dark gray tones.

Brown: If you want to create a natural effect in our home, one of the colors you can choose is definitely brown. If you wish, you can use brown intensely thanks to furniture such as wooden consoles, or you can choose it for details such as furniture legs.

Colors Compatible with Dark Gray

We must be very careful when combining dark gray with other color tones. Combining dark gray intensely with dark colors can create a boring image in the space as well as make our room look small.

  1. Powder Pink: We can use powder pink on walls, furniture details, carpets, and decoration products such as paintings, which will allow us to make a balancing decoration without depriving the area of vivid colors.
  2. Sky Blue: If you want to create a peaceful reflection in our home, we can get support from sky blue, which has a relaxing and relaxing effect and is often preferred for bedroom decoration.
  3. Vivid Yellow: If we plan to create a gray-weighted color palette in decoration, we should prefer vibrant tones to make the space spacious and get away from boring. Remarkable colors such as vibrant yellow and bright orange can be in perfect harmony with dark gray when the details are included!
  4. White: Since it is a neutral color, white, which is compatible with every color, will also be a very suitable option to balance the dark gray.
  5. Cream Color: One of the colors we can use to soften the harsh effect of dark gray is cream color. Cream color can help us create a softer and more lively atmosphere compared to white.
  6. Red: If we want to make a remarkable decor, we can evaluate the gray red home decoration.

In general, we touched on colors that are compatible with gray. Let’s now examine 15 different examples of carpets that are compatible with gray walls.


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1. Black

Taking the pessimism of black and revealing the nobility of color, gray is indispensable for sophisticated decors. These two colors, which complement each other well, come together in a dark tone black and create magnificent decors.


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2. Yellow

We see a lot of gray and yellow partnership. Balancing the joy of yellow, gray also activates its cool air with yellow. These two suit each other very well and go well with modern decors. If you say which area of the house goes well, we can say that it looks more beautiful in the living room and children’s room.

3. Brown

While brown carpet is a great match to light gray walls as it creates a sense of comfort in small rooms, we don’t need to be afraid to pair our brown carpet with gray walls in large rooms. Knowing that brown is the closed version of beige, it’s no surprise that it blends perfectly with gray walls.

4. Pink

Pink instantly creates an elegant ambiance, especially when paired with light gray walls. The combination of pink and gray can easily be used in the dining room, living room or bedroom, as it creates a striking focal point. Gray color works with the philosophy of simplicity, so it can be easily integrated into minimalist decorations.

The warm and cold tones of gray, which is compatible with almost every carpet color, increases the use of gray in modern interior design. Gray, which is generally used with pastel pink tones, manages to create both romantic and stylish looks. This partnership, which is used more in country style, is also at a substantial level in modern environments.


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5. Turquoise

Reflecting the calmness of the water to the decors, turquoise goes well with every shade of gray. If we want, we can take the light tone of gray and increase the spaciousness of the environment. If we want, we can combine a dark gray with turquoise and create a contrast.


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6. White

If we want a more contemporary and spacious atmosphere in our room with gray walls, we can choose a white carpet. Warm gray is the perfect color to enhance the comfort and coziness of the room, and when combined with a white floor covering, it would look beautiful in a contemporary living room or bedroom. We said gray is the new white. Because it is used at least as much as white. But that doesn’t mean he’s leaving white. Wherever there is small in your home, we can use these two tones and make your space look bigger than it is.

7. Patchwork Carpet

Multi-colored carpet will add vitality to our space. We can create a different atmosphere by mixing the colors we want on the gray walls.

Patchwork Carpet

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8. Beige

One of the colors that will harmonize for gray walls is beige. If we have a wall painted gray, the beige tone adds a subtle warmth to the room and counteracts the cold feeling of gray. When used in the bedroom, beige carpets next to dark gray walls will guarantee a peaceful rest.


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9. Navy blue

For our light gray walls, we can consider a navy blue or dark blue rug. While blue is a contrast to gray, the simplicity and deep blue hue of this neutral color will complement your overall decor. Shades of blue will be enough to enliven a room with gray walls. Dark blue is the color of passionate and reassuring environments. This color, which evokes discipline, will do very well when it takes light tones of gray with it.

Navy blue

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10. Orange

Gray, our vibrant color, is one of the most favorite colors of orange. It softens its high energy and preserves the positivity level of the environment as it is. This duo, which we come across very often in modern style, will succeed in looking beautiful in almost every area of the house.


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11. Purple

What goes better next to purple, the color of passion, than gray? Softening the harsh air of purple and making the environment attractive, gray creates assertive and harmonious looks together with purple. We can use these two colors in many parts of our home, but it would suit our bedroom better.


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12. Green

If you want to create a pleasant environment, we should definitely consider light green and gray! These colors, which suit each other very well, can be suitable for any style, and look even more beautiful in eclectic and modern styles. One of the color pairs you can think of when creating a cheerful balcony or living room in your home.


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13. Red

When the red color enters the work, there is no possibility of not attracting attention in the environment. Since it is a very lively color, it will be perfectly neutralized with gray. We can use it in different tones and add movement to the space.


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14. Light Gray

If we want an option that creates an effect close to white but requires less maintenance, light gray will be a good option. Also, using a light gray rug can bring a monochrome effect and make the whole space look flawless. Furniture color choices will play a big role in avoiding boring, monotonous looks.

Light Gray

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15. Pale Blue

Some people think that the gray wall can make the whole room boring and the best way to solve this is to use any new color like blue. One of our favorites among the wide range of blue tones is light blue. The gray area looks much more neutral compared to any blue and hence any light blue rug will blend easily with the gray walls. Using a light blue carpet can also create an airy and spacious visual ambiance and make our room look more attractive.

Pale Blue

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Now you have all the information you need for carpet color for t gray wall . We hope you found this article useful and interesting as you go about carpet colour. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! It’s always a pleasure to hear from our readers on what they agree with or disagree with.

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