25 Kids Art Display Ideas for Home (Quick & Easy)

by Katie Williams

Children draw, paint and enjoy it. These kinds of activities make them feel better and develop their creativity. This is also a non-verbal communication for them. We can understand what lies in their subconscious from the drawings they make, even if they are not aware of it. Paintings and crafts drawn by children are an art in which they express themselves.

Although we would like to keep these times suddenly, we may not be able to cope with them with the increasing number. That’s why we’re going to offer you 25 different ideas to evaluate these arts. But first, let’s take a look at the benefits of an art exhibition gallery.

Benefits Of The Art Exhibition Gallery Wall For Children?

We can choose how to display children’s art for three reasons:

  1. In the future, it will be a memory for us and our children when they grow up.
  2. We show that we appreciate what our children have done and we encourage them more in the arts.
  3. We can use it as decorations that will bring color to our home.

Of course, we parents sometimes want to keep every single piece our kids make. But as the numbers increase, it gets harder. We cannot hold or display them all. For this, we need to separate the projects and keep some of them. So, how are we going to do this, let’s take a look at this issue.

Save Your Favorites

Before proceeding to the display process, go through all the projects and do a sifting by choosing your favourites. Strive to keep papers that showcase your children’s skills or artwork that you think is unique to your children’s personality.

Create a Souvenir Box

This method will provide long term fauda. Create a box and drop your favorites into it, checking after your kids’ every piece of art. Thus, when you decide to display them, you will not need to make a selection. If necessary, you can also categorize the works of art by preparing more than one box.

Offer Ways They Can Change Art

You should have a certain limit for the artworks you want to display. But, since your children will create new products for a long time, you can make them easily changeable. Thus, after a newly made art, you can change an already displayed painting.

25 Kids Art Display Ideas

Let’s take a look at how to showcase all these arts with 25 different examples. Some are simple to perform, while others will require more effort.

1. Equip Your Wall with Frames

We can place a wall of your choice in the style you want by using the frames horizontally or vertically. We can display any work of art you want in each frame. If we wish, we can paint them all in the same color, as well as combine contrasting and complementary colors. It will look more interesting if we go through a certain composition instead of placing the frames on the wall randomly.

2. Sprinkle Every Area of ​​Your Home

If you wish, instead of collecting the works of art we will exhibit in a single area, we can regularly sprinkle them in each area of ​​our home. Thus, it will create a homogeneous image in the house and add color to all our walls.

3. Create Changeable Fields

Display Kids Arts

Source: Pinterest

All art looks best framed, but framing children’s works is both costly and time consuming. We can use frames without glass. We can easily display the pictures with a simple rope and clothespin that we will add. Also, when we want to change with this method, we can easily make changes.

4. Take advantage of the latches

Homework Station Ideas

Source: Pinterest

If you have a prolific artist at home, you may want a way to access paintings and add new ones more often than framing allows. The easiest way to do this is to attach pegs to a string. In addition, with this method our children can hang, organize and change their own works according to their wishes. We  can also display more artwork as this method gives us more space than we think.

5. Attach the latches directly to the wall

latches directly to the wall

Source: Pinterest

Another inexpensive and simple method is to attach the pegs directly to the wall. For this, double sided tape will work for us. We can use colored pegs or paint the wooden pegs as we wish. Also, the arrangement of the pegs will be entirely up to our creativity. Our children can easily change or hang a new one as they wish.

6. Use Grid Boards

Use Grid Boards

Source: Pinterest

One of the most affordable options is the panel wall. We can display it as we wish by adding clips or latches to the grid shaped panels that we can easily find anywhere. We decide how much space it will occupy on the wall. We can create more display areas by using the boards more than once.

7. Mushroom Board Is a Must

Mushroom Board Is a Must

Source: Pinterest

We can buy cork boards with elaborate frames or we can remove the glass from the picture frames and replace the back with cork. We can easily display our works of art with thumbtacks. It is easy to make changes and our children can arrange it according to their own wishes.

8. Curtain Rail

Curtain Rail

Source: Pinterest

Another easy way to display our children’s works of art is to use the curtain rail system. We can display our artworks by adding ring clips. Also, since these clips are not fixed, we can easily move them around. We  can hang it at the height we  want and add as many clip-on hooks as we want. Very artistic!

9. Use Cuffed Suspenders

Use Cuffed Suspenders

Source: Pinterest

The hanger has a permanent position on the button of the laundry cabinet. Calligraphy may not have a polished look, but it does have a charm. Have you ever thought that you could use these hangers as a display tool?

Yes, we can hang your works of art on hangers by hanging them on the hooks we will hang on the wall. It’s both inexpensive and an original idea.

10. Display in wooden crates

Display in wooden crates

Source: Pinterest

For a completely natural look, we can make shelves from wooden crates and display our children’s art on these shelves. We  can color and combine these wooden crates as we wish. It will be a very enjoyable activity with our children and will show the value we give to their art.

11. Foldable Book

Foldable Book

Source: Pinterest

We can glue our children’s works of art by making those foldable books that we all enjoy, in the size you want. Then we can display these foldable books on our walls and make an easy change by turning the page we want. We can also ask our children for help while making these books and involve them in this.

12. Magnetic Adhesives

Magnetic Adhesives

Source: Pinterest

Using magnets or a magnetic board to stick pictures to the fridge means they are quick to lift them and there is no need to drill holes in them. Starting from this idea, we can buy and use magnetic panels on our walls. Thus, we exhibit all works of art with magnets as we wish.It can be changed easily and is a practical method.

13. Hang it from ceilings

Hang it from ceilings

Source: Pinterest

Even though we have always given examples from the walls until now, we can do our exhibits by hanging rope from the ceiling. We can cut the ropes to the desired size and attach them from the ceiling with clips, then we can display them by drilling holes in the picture we want. If we wish, we can put a picture on each thread, or we can add more than one consecutive picture on a single thread.

14. Create Exhibit Models

Create Exhibit Models

Source: Pinterest

We can create 3D geometric shapes of different shapes and sizes and use them as a board. For this, we can use cardboard boxes already, or we can optionally prepare them in different geometric shapes. As an advantage, we can exhibit in more than one size on a single model. In addition, the materials will be recyclable and cost free.

15. Make Color Matching

Make Color Matching

Source: Pinterest

Look for colors in pictures that complement the color scheme of a room in your home. If we have yellow colors in our kitchen, display works of art that have yellow colors in them. When our children are painting, if we only choose colors that are suitable for the rooms, this can make our job easier. This will ensure that all the works fit the space.

16. Turn your coffee table into a work of art

Turn your coffee table into a work of art

Source: Pinterest

Place our kids’ art on the coffee table and cover it with a piece of glass. This will preserve the art and also showcase your child’s creativity. While doing these, we can make a collage any way we want. It will not be easy to change, so we should consult our children and choose the ones we like the most.

17. Printed Book

Printed Book

Source: Pinterest

If we do not want to display all these works of art in our home or if we want it to last for many years, we can make an art book. We can paste our children’s works into any notebook we will receive and create a memory book. We can keep this book for a long time and also make sure all the artworks are safe. We can remember memories years later by adding dates and small notes on the corners.

18. Tape/sticker

If you love the modern look, consider purchasing picture frame stickers or make your own with brightly colored washi tape. We  can make the designs as intricate or simple as ywe want, even a little tape in each corner looks good once we hang them all. If we are worried about regular frames falling off the wall, that is great option!

19. Hanging on the wall with replaceable papers

If you don’t want to make changes all the time or cover your entire wall with papers, hang a file on the wall and squeeze papers into each file. On these papers, our children can paint directly on the file or display their pictures by attaching them to the file after they have them made.We can also easily change papers and make room for new artwork.

20. Organize Your Frames as Pop-Ups

We can choose the folding frames where we will display the products. In this way, we can change it as we wish and use it for many years. In addition, the closed frames will protect the works from external influences and you will be able to keep them for many years. You can make the frames yourself or color them as you wish.

21. Collage Print

Collage Print

Source: Pinterest

Hundreds of A4 size photos taking up a little too much wall space? By scanning or photographing our loved ones, we can turn our child’s pictures into a custom-printed poster, and turn their artwork into a real work of art.

22. Use art as envelope paper

Use art as envelope paper

Source: Pinterest

This option for the another people. We can make the gift cards we use for birthdays and holidays from our children’s arts.It will be a very colorful and also a personalized card. In this way, we will evaluate them in a useful way.

23. Convert to Party Flags

Convert to Party Flags

Source: Pinterest

Flag parties are an indispensable part of our entertainment. Have you ever thought of making these from your children’s arts? Cut your different children’s arts as you wish and attach them to a string. Then you can color your walls as you wish.

24. Make Coaster

Make Coaster

Source: Pinterest

For this, we can give a wooden material to a child and ask them to draw pictures on it as they wish. We have to use paint that does not come off. Our children’s art will always be with us while we enjoy our coffee after preparation.

25. Reduce clutter and store your image digitally.

If you want to reduce the piles of images but still capture your child’s special drawings, consider storing art digitally. We can take photos of children’s arts that we want to keep and transfer them to digital. We can use it as separate files, or we can make it into a collage.

The main thing is to enjoy, protect and value your child’s art for years!

Now you have all the information you need for a kids art display in the home. We hope you found this article useful and interesting as you go about display kids art. Please do let us know your thoughts in the comments below! It’s always a pleasure to hear from our readers on what they agree with or disagree with.

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