15 Ways to Hang Curtains In Rental Apartment

by Katie Williams

Exploring ways to install curtains in your rental apartment without extensive strenuous work or causing damages?  You can find plenty of ways to add curtains to your new home, on a budget and with zero alterations to the structure. Here are 15 foolproof tips on how to hang curtains in rental apartments.

The easiest way to hang curtains in a rental apartment is to use the existing curtain rods in the unit.  You can always modify your curtains to fit the existing rods by adding hanging accessories, like rings. Alternatively, drape curtains over the rods for a decorative finish.

But, in many cases, rental units don’t come with existing curtain rods. If your rental apartment is one of them, there are plenty of other creative ways to hang your curtains.

Ways To Hang Curtains In A Rental Apartment

Here are 15 alternative ways to hang your curtains in a new apartment unit;

1. Use Magnets or Command Hooks


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If your rental unit doesn’t come with existing curtain rods, the next best solution is to install new ones yourself. This doesn’t mean that you need to start drilling or digging into the wall in any way. If your curtain and interior designs go best with metal rods, use heavy duty magnets for the mounting job.

Start by attaching large magnets or Command wall hooks (at least 4 lb capacity) on either side of the window. Give the magnets and hooks some time (at least a day) to stabilize on the wall. Then, place curtains rails, a rod, or a magnetic rod the size of the distance between the hooks (use a measuring tape for an accurate reading).  Once done, you can proceed to hang your curtains.

2. Go For Magnetic Rods

If you have a metal window frame, you can opt for magnetic rods. These rods come complete with built-in brackets and pretty much work the same as command hooks. However, instead of the adhesive tapes, they attach to metal surfaces. Like command hooks and magnets, they are not the best option for heavyweight curtains.

3. Opt For A Spring Tension Rod

Best for lightweight curtains and smaller rooms

This method works best for people who don’t want to bother with the small details, like window measurements. Tension rods typically integrate two rods conjoined on either end, with one slightly larger in diameter than the other. So, the smaller rod fits into the larger one. This allows the rod to create a compression mechanism to adjust the length when you want to.

The best part of using spring tension rods is that they work for any window size. However, tension rods can only be installed between two nearby walls. To install a tension rod, attach each end to either wall using their rubber tips. The rubber tips prevent scratches or chips to the wall.

Once attached, you can affix your curtains. Spring tension rods come in different colors and styles. But, they work great for lightweight curtains. Heavier drapes will cause them to collapse and risk damaging the wall.

4. Get Creative With The Tension Rod

You don’t always go the traditional route with tension rods. You can get alittle creative. One way to do so is to sew a curtain into the rod before mounting it to your window. You can go for any style, for example Roman-style shades. This way, you have stylish drapes to complement your interior space without breaking the bank.

5. Order Customized Shades

If tension rods are still too much work for you, you can opt for a complete package and order Customized compression shades. These shades are great for those who don’t mind splurging to avoid damaging their rental apartment walls.

They come with a compression mounting system to eliminate the need for any drilling. Additionally, you can take a pick of the size, colors, and even sun-blocking abilities of the shade fabric. You can choose anything from sheer to complete light-blocking fabric.

6. Try Twist & Fit Curtain Rods

In addition to a tension rod, you can also find other types of no-drill rods. Twist and Fit curtains rods are pretty popular among college students and temporary renters. This is because they offer an easy enough installation design (takes a few minutes to set up). Yet, they remain functional.

Further, unlike tension rods or magnetic rods, twist & fit rods can support medium-sized drapes. You can even fit slightly heavier light block curtains as long as you pick the right design. Remember, however, heavy duty twist & fit curtain rods will cost you slightly higher.

These rods can be attached across the window with their clip-like lock attached inside the window frame. They attach to the edge of the frame inside the window like a clip. Nevertheless, these may not be ideal for people who want a neat look in their home as they don’t fully cover the upper window frame area.

7. Invest In Curtain Rod Brackets

Another easy method for hanging curtains with rods involves using curtain rod brackets. Unlike regular rod brackets, these don’t require drilling. Curtain rod brackets work like command hooks, but without the adhesive tape.

All you do is hammer them into the top of the window frame on either edge. You then insert a rod of your liking and hang your curtains. Because you have to hammer them into the frame, they work best with wooden frame trims.

8. Suspend Your Drapes Rod

The best thing about getting creative is that you don’t have to follow traditional principles. So, instead of installing the rod the way you always do, you can suspend it from the ceiling. All you need to do is invest in the ceiling mounting brackets to add the rods.

9. Use Simple Fit Pop-In Shades

If you don’t want to bother with rods, rails, or picking the right drapes entirely, you can go for simple fit shades. Before investing in the shades, use a measuring tape to get the dimensions for your window. This allows you to purchase the correct size.

To install the standard simple shades, start by snapping the handle into place at the center of the shades. Next, secure (push it in till you hear a click) the adjustable trigger-in mount into the mounting system on either side.

Once secured, remove the peel from the tape liner to expose the adhesive on either trigger-in mount and attach each side to the ends of the window frame. Secure the shades by attaching either trigger to the frame. You can then pull down the shades to cover your window.

10. DIY A Curtain Frame

If you want to be more stylish and add character to your apartment, a curtain frame may be the way to go. Ever been to a wedding with standalone curtain frames or a luxury holiday resort with sheer draped pergolas draped? Well, you can emulate a similar design, only smaller inside your apartment.

This option is great for DIY enthusiasts. You can create a standalone frame that doesn’t come in contact with the window or wall. Instead, place it in front of the window and let the curtains cover it. All you do is measure the dimensions of the window and build a frame that matches the size.

You can opt for any material that blends well with your interior, whether wood, metal or molded plastic. You also want to ensure the frame can support the weight of your drapes without tipping over or breaking.

11. Try Curtain Hooks and Upholstery Tacks

Did you know that there are several ways to hang curtains without needing a rod? One of these methods involves using curtain hooks and upholstery tacks. But, this method only works if you have a window sill and don’t plan on opening the drapes daily. This is because to close them, you have to redo the installation steps.

To hang the curtain, start by gauging the number of pleats to add to the curtains. Next, attach tack at the edge of every pleat you make and into the wall, where the window is. Leave at least four inches of space between each pleat. Continue with this process until you cover the entire window. To hold the curtains at the top, attach them to curtain hooks and then, secure the hooks to the window sill.

12. Use Cabinet Knobs

If you have any cabinet Knobs lying around, you can use them to create unique support for your drapes. You can purchase cheap ones. Attach as many cabinet hooks as you need to support your curtains on the wall slightly above the window frame. The hooks should cover the width of the window frame. Next, sew curtain rings into the curtain and secure each ring into each cabinet hook.

13. Use Coat Hooks

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can invest in coat hooks you typically place behind the front doors for your jackets. You can hang coat hooks anywhere in your home using their adhesives. Simply line the hooks across the width of your window slightly above the window frame. Then, attach each of the curtain’s loops or ringed eyelets to the corresponding hook.

14. Use Double Sided Tape

If your stay at the rental apartment isn’t long term, double-sided tape or Blu-Tack will do.  Attach the tape directly to the back of the curtains and then secure it onto the wall slightly above the window frame.

15. Get NoNo Brackets

Some apartments may have previously supported vertical or horizontal blinds. You can go for the same look or invest in NoNo Brackets if you want to still hang your curtains. NoNo brackets come with a pretty simple installation design and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

All you do is securely clip them onto your blinds, add a rod on top of the brackets and hang your curtains. Alternatively, attach the curtains to rings and then secure the rings on the hooks.  It’s that easy and you don’t have to worry about damaging the walls!


How Can I Hang My Curtains In My Apartment Without Drilling?

You can find various ways to hang curtains in your apartment without drilling. The easiest way is to find options that adhere to the frame, like command hooks, magnetic rods, or tension rods. Other options include compression mounting systems.

Can You Install Curtains In A Rental Apartment?

You can certainly install curtains in a rental apartment. There are various methods to install curtains without causing any damage to the walls.

How Do You Hang Curtains In An Apartment Without Damaging Walls?

Methods that guarantee zero damage to your walls when hanging curtains include building a freestanding curtain frame (it never comes in contact with the wall or window). Other methods include suspending curtain rods from the ceiling or using NONO brackets to hang curtains over blinds.

How Can I Hang Curtains Without A Hook?

The best way to hang curtains without needing a hook is by using tools, like tension rods, twist & fit rods, or any other rod method. It’s also a good idea to have curtains, such as looped or eyelet curtains that don’t require hooks.

Can You Hang Curtains With Command Hooks?

You can hang curtains with command hooks. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to hang curtains. Simply attach the hooks to either end of the window frame (at the top area) using their back side adhesive, mount a rod and hang your curtains.

How Can I Hang Curtains Without A Curtain Rod?

You can hang curtains without a rod if you use methods such as the Simple Fit Pop-In Shades. You can also take a more creative DIY route and use tools like curtain hooks and upholstery tacks, coat hooks, or double-sided tape.


With a new rental unit, figuring out how not to create a mess with your curtains shouldn’t be your biggest concern. With any of the 15 best tips above, you can rest assured that you will have an easy way to hang your curtains without messing up your interior space.

For the most part, most of these solutions work for lightweight to medium-weight curtains. So, while they’ll hold heavy duty curtains for a short period, they are not the best long term solution for heavy duty curtains.

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